In Stores Now: Asics GT-Cool – White – Green – Blue – Grey

by Jetpack



Yesterday we gave you a look at a white, black and mint Asic GT Cool, today we have another GT-Cool which arrived along with the pair we previewed yesterday. This design is similar to the previous clean white upper with small hints of color throughout the sneaker giving it a really classic runner look. The combination of green,blue and gray work well with the sneakers white upper, and the placement in which the colors were set was perfect for this silo. Take a look at the gallery below for a closer look at these dope Asic GT-Cool’s which have started arriving at select Asic retailers.



asics-gt-cool-white-green-blue-grey-03-570x388 asics-gt-cool-white-green-blue-grey-01-570x380 asics-gt-cool-white-green-blue-grey-02-570x380

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