Coming Soon: New Balance 574 – Winter Elements Pack



The New Balance 574 has made its way back on shelves and onto New Balance’s roster. For this latest “Winter Elements” pack we have three New Balance 574’s upgraded to with stand the winter season and all it brings with it. Each of these color-scheme’s is innovative, while simultaneously classic. Take a look at the gallery below for a better look at these “Winter Elements” New Balance 574’s .

new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-2 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-10 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-6 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-13 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-9 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-4 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-11 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-3 new-balance-574-winter-elements-pack-7

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Posted: Nov 06 2013
by: Jetpack

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