Styles P sour vs haze shirt

by Ray Figgs

styles p sour vs haze shirt8and9 Styles P sour vs haze shirt - Sour vs Haze collaboration with Styles P and Jadakiss will settle the greatest debate. This Styles P Sour Vs Haze shirt was inspired by this great debate and New York Rangers jerseys we took a home and away approach to the Sour vs Haze Jersey Sweatshirt.  Styles P proponent of Sour set up this classic navy/red colorway jersey.  It features  giant “89” numbers capped by a Sour vs Haze name plate.  Get this one while you can.  Certainly won’t last long small is already sold out. Check the details. Highest quality garment for two of the greatest to ever. Click here to buy this Styles P Sour vs Haze shirt now!

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styles p sour vs haze shirt styles p sour vs haze shirt styles p sour vs haze shirt

The Lox have been holding the streets down for years, it was only right to collaborate with JadaKiss and Styles P to finally see once and for all, what is better. What do you choose, Sour or Haze? Me personally, I agree with both of them. I hear both of their points and I feel both Sour and Haze are great in their own way. I believe for certain situations Sour wins, and for others Haze wins. Overall, because of the type of life I live, I cannot be completely smacked out of mind all day so I will have to side with Jadakiss because that sour definitely stinks up the whole crib, and will have me hlaf retarded. Now if I’m in the club, or the day is over or generally looking to go to the moon, I would go with the sour. Lol, I’m no weed expert anyway so these are just my own personal opinions lol, Either way make sure you grab this collabo Sweatshirt by 8and9 Clothing in collaboration with Styles P and JadaKiss, Sour vs Haze, the great debate!

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