Available March 1st: adidas Originals Torsion Allegra

by Jetpack

adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-1 (1)

The adidas Originals Torsion Allegra will be dropping in 3 flavors hitting retailers tomorrow kicking off the Spring season. The Torsion Allegra is a silo we have seen allot more of becoming more regularly apart of the adidas roster. This latest collection of Torsion Allegras come in three varieties each playing a different part of the spectrum offering a look that can universally fit any style design preference. Take a look at the entire set below and let us know which one of the three you prefer? Keep it locked here at 8and9.com for more from adidas Originals and the Torision Allegra.

adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-5 adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-3 adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-7 adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-4 adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-2 adidas-torsion-allegra-march-2014-releases-6

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