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#FantasyWednesdays At Dream Miami, FL [Pics]

by Napps Pascal


@ShugaShady @SierraStorey @DreamMiamiFL 8&9 Clothing invaded Club Dream’s weekly Wednesday night party, #Fantasy Wednesdays to celebrate the release of our Spring collection. Thank you To Shug Shady and Sierra Storey along with the whole Dream Miami staff to make it possible. Check out the pics after the jump. Pictures are courtesy of CityNeverSleeps.com and ExclusiveAccess.net

1 89-at-Dream-2-of-79-516x400 89-at-Dream-11-of-79-294x400 89-at-Dream-12-of-79-600x400 89-at-Dream-13-of-79-434x400 89-at-Dream-18-of-79-235x400 89-at-Dream-26-of-79-417x400 89-at-Dream-27-of-79-408x400 89-at-Dream-28-of-79-388x400 89-at-Dream-34-of-79-353x400 89-at-Dream-35-of-79-600x400 89-at-Dream-36-of-79-496x400 89-at-Dream-37-of-79-600x400 89-at-Dream-44-of-79-414x400 89-at-Dream-62-of-79-380x400 89-at-Dream-71-of-79-592x400 89-at-Dream-79-of-79-600x400 2014-02-27_01-42-34 2014-02-27_01-52-36 2014-02-27_02-11-35 2014-02-27_02-40-15 2014-02-27_03-00-49 2014-02-27_03-03-27 2014-02-27_03-04-22 2014-02-27_03-15-48 2014-02-27_03-24-19 2014-02-27_03-32-20 2014-02-27_03-58-48 2014-02-27_03-59-40 2014-02-27_04-01-19 2014-02-27_04-09-34 2014-02-27_04-10-35 2014-02-27_04-11-15 2014-02-27_04-24-54 2014-02-27_04-27-46 2014-02-27_04-28-01

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