Check Out some Original ‘Star Wars’ Concept Art by Ralph McQuarrie


Checkout some of the original concept art rendered in the 70’s by Ralph McQuarrie for “Stars Wars”. Some of these images were responsible for many characters and scenes also giving George Lucas unparalleled insight and inspiration for the movies execution. These images are from Ralph McQuarre’s book “The Art of Ralph McQWuarre”. Take a look at the gallery below and keep it locked here at for more.


check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-1 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-7 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-5 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-6 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-3 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-4 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-12 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-13 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-9 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-2 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-8 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-11 check-out-this-original-star-wars-concept-art-10

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Posted: May 04 2014
by: Jetpack

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