Meet Yung Lenox, a 7-Year-Old Artist Who Draws Rap Albums

by Bold Apps

Yung Lenox 2 Live Crew ArtWhen have you heard of a seven year old white kid drawing rap albums for fun? There’s an artist based out of Seattle, Washington who does just that. “Yung Lenox” has gained popularity in the past few years for his youthful abstract approach to recreating hip hop album covers under the guidance of his dad, Skip Class. The dad, who happens to be a copywriter and branding consultant, took the young artist from drawing super heroes to rappers like Gucci Mane. Interesting choice of suggestion for a seven year old child…..

Yung Lenox Only Built 4 Cuban Raekwon Art Yung Lenox Killa Cam Art

Fast forward to recently, the young artist’s work has buzzed into the Los Angeles pop art scene. So much that Yung Lenox’s “L.A.’s Most Wanted” opens Thursday, May 8 at Gallery 1988 West  (7308 Melrose Avenue) in Fairfax.  Call (323) 937-7088 for more information or log on to Follow @YungLenox on Instagram to see all of his work…..


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