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Menace 2 Society T Shirt [#TBT]

by Ray Guilbault


Menace 2 Society T Shirt

We dropped this nearly 4 years ago with resonance.  The driving quote “Life is not a movie,” was a poignant message to all our fans and followers. O-Dog is not real, neither is Kevin Anderson (government name), he never was, he’s always been a character played by Lorenz Tate.  While Menace draws on real life situations it’s commentary should be clear.

It’s definitely not cool to murder convenient store workers or even display racism toward a person whether Asian or Black. The consequences of recklessness chalked up to “street life” are real. There are victims on both sides, few people living the real actually glorify it. You should be no exception.

Our fans and followers know better. Others don’t.  Some have never survived a situation where their life is on the line, most have never stood behind a pistol. We hope you won’t either.  Keep in mind, you shop with us for a reason. We stand for what we believe and glorify none of our experience or that of our extended families. We don’t brag or show half of what we live but we do offer a well rounded perspective through our product and commentary.

Let it be said one time on this Thursday….there are a lot of shitty ass companies whose founders lack gritty experience, they have no real values or design integrity, thus their products lack substance so you can see right through with open eyes. Shit isn’t cute.  #gfysf  The best thing about our team, our fans, our followers is you know the difference. You know what this life is about and we love you for that. Rep your set.  #8and9life til’ the fucking earth stops spinning.

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