Mojave Desert Shoot| 8&9 Clothing [Video]

by Jason Peiso

Mojave Desert 8&9 Shoot

8&9 Clothing takes a pit stop in the Mojave Desert on the way to to the 2014 Agenda Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Filmed by Justin Butts and Stilflik. – . Watch the 8&9 Agenda Long Beach Recap video from 8&9 MFG at Agenda Show, Long Beach July 10 and 11, 2014. Shot by Justin Butts. here

Retailers from all over the world were in attendance. It was great to hear different opinions on the brand from newcomers and people who have had the chance to see how much we have grown over the years. It’s been a long road and a lot of work to get where we are now and we are up to the challenge of taking our brand to new levels each year!

All in all it was very good show, I can tell you this, you will see your favorite street wear brand in more stores this fall for sure. We were able to snag some key accounts to make sure to keep up with the demand of our product. You email us and ask us on social media all the time and we hear your request, thanks for your patience and for your support. #8and9life

While on the way to Las vegas we made a quick stop at the Mojave Desert for a photoshoot we also had time to skate the Lake Dolores Waterpark. The Mojave Desert occupies a significant portion of Southern California and parts of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Named after the Mohave Native Americans it occupies roughly 54,000 square miles in a typical Basin and Range topography.



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