[8&9 Eats] Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza

by Ray Guilbault



First heard about Visa-O1 online it’s dubbed a “hidden gem” and unseen it is! While searching up and down the block of Michigan Ave and the corner of 17 St, I felt like a bloodhound chasing the aroma of sublime baked dough surrounding the office space building where the restaurant is located. With no signs or indications around this cold subtle building pointing a restaurant just smells of anticipation this lead me to my destination.

I suggest a reservation beforehand being this quaint nestled pizzeria only seats about 17-20 patrons and always packed from what I’m told. When finally seated and looking at the menu the pies are in categorizes of Traditional, Special and Extraordinary Pizza. And all the pies for the most part is made with San Marzano sauce, supposed the best plum tomatoes around. All the pies are made with the same crust that’s thin and crispy to perfection.Visa-O1-3

The Traditional choice was the Margherita Pizza (San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, basil). I asked for anchovies and capers as requested topping. So much of a special request that Chef Renato Viola came over to our table personally to ask if anyone was Italian because of that specific type of order. The Special choice was the Jacqueline Pizza (San Marzano sauce, mozzarella, baked egg, black pepper, truffle oil) — anything with an egg ontop I favor and the truffle oil added extra earthy flavor.Visa-O1-2

This here is the star of the show, literally. Our Extraordinary Pizza the Star Luca (star shaped pizza, crust filled with ricotta cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella, San Marzano sauce) –best pizza in Miami hands down. Nothing complex just simple ingredients done well where each slice takes you on a journey to end at rich fluffy creamy ricotta filled crust. Then the chef sends over pastries stuffed with Nutella and bananas.


Must try if you’re in the Miami Beach area especially after shopping on Lincoln Road will make the day complete.

By Theo De Moor (@theo_de_moor)

For More Information:

Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza
1680 Michigan Avenue Suite #101
Miami Beach 33139
(305) 397-8189


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