Prez P Studio Session: #8and9Life

by Ray Guilbault


 Prez P 8and9Life

We were Invited to check out what Prez P been has been working on in 2015. Coming off of his last two ep’s released with Young Mcfly (305° In The Sunshine) and Nuezism (Carrera Music) Prez P is back to work in the studio laying down verses for his next projects slated to be released at the end of this month. Settled in the studio Prez is working on his next EP entitled ‘Preztige’ produced entirely by ThePryvmids. The work doesn’t stop there he’s also working on his second studio album at the same time, ‘Prezidental’ is slated to be released towards the end of March beginning of April. This full length album is the cumulation of all of Prez’s experiences over the last few years.
 Prez is also still shooting music videos from his last project and has two upcoming releases coming one from each EP. Off of ‘305° In The Sunshine’ expect to see a great visual story for the ‘Get $ome’ track directed and shot by local visual artist Unkle Luc. Also expect to see ‘Now You See’ off of ‘Carrera Music’, directed by the creative duo BloodIsBond Films, as they assist in giving viewers the ability to see what Prez P has in store for the rap game.
The vibe of the session was productive, with prez getting with his engineer to mix a few records off his upcoming project EP entitled ‘Preztige’ (produced entirely by ThePryvmids). With a few people sittin in on the session( his manager, producer, and a few personal from 8and9), add in some weed Prez had all he materials he needed to make his art. Check out more pics and stay tuned to more updates from Prez P.
 You can follow Prez P on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all his next moves for the new year his handle for both site is @PrezP_Becampin. Also check out his website where you can view all of his music videos and stream free music. You can also follow him on Soundcloud( to download or stream all of his free EP’s. His full album will be available on iTunes. Subscribe to his official YouTube page at: 
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