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2016 Sneaker Con Bay Area Recap

by Ray Figgs

2016 Sneaker Con Bay Area Recap

2016 8&9 Sneaker Con Bay Area Recap (1)I can't front, The Bay is easily one of my favorite places to visit during our Sneaker Con tour. The weather, the food, the laid back vibe, I love it all. it's no surprise that I was excited to be a part of the latest Sneaker Con Bay Area show that went down May 14th. The event was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center for the first time and I gotta say, the change of venue was a great look. The place was packed all day and it was by far the best Bay Area show to date. Freehand Profit brought out two incredible mask for the table. The Jordan 1 Infrared Resn mask and the Liquid Gold Air Max 1 mask.

2016 8&9 Sneaker Con Bay Area Recap (3)

We were equipped with our brand new set up, which we first unveiled at the Sneaker Con Cleveland show, and plenty of heat. New items from our Sensimillia collection were on deck and moved pretty fast. Along with the new collection items, we had a limited run of shorts, button ups, key chains and a bunch of my personal pairs for sale. Shout out to Qiasomar and Twitch from the movie Step Up and everyone for coming to the table and showing some love! 

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On the Buy, Sell and Trade side of things, the event was super popping! So much heat under one roof! Everyone on the team copped something, and we all were able to get a good deal! My homie Mike caught those SBs for $40, and Ez got both of those Bape joints for $60, lol. I couldn't believe it, I don't know how he talked em down so low lol. I got a pair of 950 Yeezy Boots for $370 vnds, so I was super hype. And the best deal of the day went to Big Brooks, who scored a vnds pair of Net/Net Yeezys for $800! All in all, we had a great time in The Bay, until next time!

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