The Real Planet of the Apes (Documentary)


Our crew traveled to remote Liberia to discover ‘Monkey Island,’ an area inhabited solely by former lab tested chimpanzees who survived disease and two civil wars. We go to the island, interview the locals and meet the scientists involved in the testing facility 25 years ago.

This documentary is a Motherboard production, made possible by 20th Century Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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2014 Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup Results


Here are all the winners from the HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup – June 28-29, 2014.

Best Booth
1st Place – Vader Extracts
2nd Place – CLOUD PENZ
3rd Place – Nexus Glass

Best Product
2nd Place – Oil Slick by Oil Slick
3rd Place – Cloud V by Cloud V

Best Glass
1st Place – Hitman x Mr. Gray Torch by Hitman Glass
2nd Place – Nexus Glass by Nexus Glass
3rd Place – Pulse Glass by Pulse Glass

Best Medical Topical
Fire & Ice – Eden’s Elixirs

Best Edibles
1st Place – Artisanal Cannabis Macarons – Madame Munchie
2nd Place – Hazelnug & Grub – Organicares Collective
3rd Place – Jambo – Jambo Direct

High CBD Award
Flowers – Great White – Alpha Medic
Edibles – Medibrothers and MTG Medi-Chew High CBD – Medibrothers & MTG Seeds
Concentrates – Charlotte’s Web – P.E.A.C.E. Plant Essentials And Cannabis Extracts

Best Non-Solvent Hash
1st Place – Kottonmouth Kush x Strawberry Cough Ice Water Hash – Medibrothers
2nd Place – HGH Extractions Goji OG Solventless – Delta Health Center
3rd Place – BAMF Private Reserve Cookies – BAMF Extractions

Best Concentrate
1st Place – Hell Raiser OG – TLC Collective / Gold Coast Extracts
2nd Place – XJ-13 Lemonhead – Alternative Herbal Health Services / Prime Extractions
3rd Place – J-1 – Nectar’s

Best Sativa
1st Place – Cracker Jack – Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals
2nd Place – Silver Haze – MedMar Healing Center
3rd Place – Tangerine Haze – Heirloom Genetics

Best Indica
1st Place – Chem Scout – IC Collective
2nd Place – Paris OG – California Naturals
3rd Place – XXX OG Kush – Life Is Good Healing

Best Hybrid
1st Place – Thin Mint Cookies – Gold Coast Collection
2nd Place – Kush Company OG Kush – Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary – W.E.E.D Studio City
3rd Place – Deathstar – San Jose Patients Group


Via Hightimes

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Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold At Auction


Sold for: $29.7 million
Sold by: Bonham’s
When and where: July, 2013 in Chichester, U.K.
This Mercedes-Benz race car sold at an auction in England last Summer for the highest price ever paid for any car at a public auction. It was part of a group of racecars that won 9 World Championship-qualifying Grand Prix races in 1954 and ’55. Driven by the legendary Argentinian-born driver Juan Manuel Fangio, this car, in particular, won two of those races.

Prices paid for collectible cars at auction have been going up and up. Last year, the total money paid at auctions for classic cars topped $1 billion for the first time, according to the classic car insurers at Hagerty Insurance. In fact, most of the top 10 collector car auction sales of all times happened within the last few years.


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Chuck D Shares Personal Letter From 2pac


legendary Chuck D decided to share a personal letter 2pac wrote to him back in 1995 when he was incarcerated on Twitter. The Letter touches on how Chuck D influenced him, He also asked Chuck to get on a song with him and said he had a role for him in an upcoming movie. He mentioned his bail had just been granted and that he just signed to Death Row Records, so the music was coming.



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Starbucks prices for drinks to go up by 5 to 20 cents next week



Starbucks is raising prices on some of its drinks by 5 cents to 20 cents starting next week, and customers can also soon expect to pay $1 more for the packaged coffee it sells in supermarkets.

The Seattle-based chain also raised prices on some of the drinks sold in its cafes a year ago. The latest hikes don’t seem to be driven purely by the surging bean costs that have pressured other coffee sellers to raise prices, however, since Starbucks has said it already locked in its coffee contracts for the rest of this fiscal year and much of the next.

Starbucks Corp. said the price increases in its cafes will kick in Tuesday and vary depending on the region.

Prices for medium and large brewed coffees, which are known as Grande and Venti, respectively, will go up between 10 cents and 15 cents in most U.S. markets, the company said.

Certain drinks, such as tall brewed coffees and Frappuccinos, won’t see higher prices in most places, the company said. Tall brewed coffees were among the drinks that were hit by Starbucks’ price hikes a year ago.

The $1 price boost on packaged coffees sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets will kick in July 21, and follow J.M. Smucker’s recent decision to raise prices on its coffees, which include Folgers.

Via Associated Press

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Florida Approves ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Marijuana Bill


Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed the measure that allows the use of a particular strain for epilepsy and cancer patients.

The measure passed with strong support in the Florida Legislature after legislators heard stories of children suffering from seizures who could be helped by the strain known as Charlotte’s Web.

Scott, who opposes a constitutional amendment to allow the use of medical marijuana, said in a statement that he does not want to see “kids suffer.”

e signed Senate Bill 1030, which approves the medication, nicknamed Charlotte’s Web, and SB 1700, which protects the identities of the patients who use it.

“As a father and grandfather, you never want to see kids suffer,” Scott said in a statement. “The approval of Charlotte’s Web will ensure that children in Florida who suffer from seizures and other debilitating illnesses will have the medication needed to improve their quality of life.”

An estimated 125,000 children in Florida suffer from severe epilepsy and their families lobbied hard to persuade reluctant legislators to open the door to limited use. It also could be used by adults.

Authorized patients will be allowed access to the drug through oil or vapor form, but it may not be smoked.

If 60 percent of Florida voters approve Amendment 2, it would allow doctors to prescribe other forms of marijuana, including the kind that is smoked, to treat an even wider range of conditions.

The bill was amended at the ninth hour to stiffen licensing requirements so that only Florida nursery owners with businesses in operation for 30 continuous years will be allowed to grow “Charlotte’s Web.”

Florida physicians who have been authorized to order this strain of medical marijuana can start writing prescriptions Jan. 1. It will be sold through dispensaries licensed by the state Department of Health.

Michael Jordan Is First Athlete Billionaire

michael jordan reutersIn February, my colleague and the Dean of athlete earnings, Kurt Badenhausen, pegged Jordan’s annual earnings at $90 million and his net worth at $750 million. But I have learned from sources familiar with the Charlotte Hornets that the former NBA great has increased his stake in his basketball team to 89.5% from 80% during the past several months.

Jordan first became an investor in the Hornets (then the Bobcats) in 2006 and became the controlling owner in 2010 when he bought out Robert Johnson for $175 million. In January we valued the Hornets at $410 million. But the Milwaukee Bucks sold for $550 million in May, and they are considered the least valuable team in the league because of their market and arena. Sports bankers say the Hornets care presently worth between $600 million and $625 million.

Our net worth figure for Jordan uses the $600 million figure. The Hornets have $135 million of debt, which makes Jordan’s equity in the team worth $416 million. After subtracting all the cash Jordan has invested in the team, we estimate his net worth outside of the Hornets to be $600 million, giving him a net worth of a $1 billion.

Article By  via Forbes

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The Story Behind Every Pothead’s Favorite Number: 420


There are far more myths surrounding April 20, or, as it’s written numerically, 4.20, than there are facts.

But here’s one incontrovertible statement about the date: A lot of people are going to be supremely stoned.

Smoking pot on 4.20 (preferably at 4:20) has become the marijuana community’s version of Oktoberfest — a secular holiday dedicated to the consumption of a mild intoxicant.

But why was this date anointed Intergalactic Puff-Puff-Pass Day? Where did the tradition start? And how did the stoner community manage to remember a specific number long enough for it to turn into a tradition?

The origin of 420 has been as thoroughly vetted as such a thing can be.

The Huffington PosttheLos Angeles TimesHigh Times, the 420 Times and the skeptical folks at have all satisfied their fact-checking departments that the tradition began with a group of teens known as the Waldos who grew up in Marin County, California. (Delightfully, they were called “the Waldos” because they liked to hang out beside a wall near San Rafael High School.)

The Waldos, among them Mark Gravitch, Dave Reddix and Steve Capper, initially attempted to conceal their identities to protect their adult lives and careers.

They used to employ Ramones-style code names like Waldo Dave, Waldo Steve and Waldo Mark, but these days they’re embracing their roles in pot history.

They have produced and displayed a 420 flag that dates back to the 1970s and have also submitted as evidence postmarked letters from the same era that use the number as a code for marijuana.

Why has the group been forced to authenticate their status as the original users of 420? Because the rumors surrounding the number have proven as sticky as the kindest hydro, bro.

Here are just some of the awesome things that are not true about 420:

  • 420 is not police code for marijuana violations.
  • 420 is not the number of active chemical compounds in marijuana. (It’s 315.)
  • 420 is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, but that’s not where the tradition comes from.
  • 420 is what you get if you multiply 12 by 35, the numbers from the title of the Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Woman no. 12 and no. 35.” That song does contain the refrain “everybody must get stoned.” But that is not why 420 became the pothead’s favorite number.

The actual reason the five original Waldos used the number is because 4:20 was the time they would meet each day to go search for a legendary lost marijuana crop near the Point Reyes Coast Guard Station.

According the Waldos, in 1971 they were your typical weed-lovin’ Cali high school students. They heard that some dude from the Coast Guard had been forced to abandon a plot of marijuana plants in Point Reyes and decided to find the fabled field.

They agreed to meet at a statue of French microbiologist Louis Pasteur at 4:20PM, then they would smoke up and stumble around the wilds of Point Reyes searching.

Despite looking for several weeks, they never uncovered the tantalizing supply of free dope, but they did coin a code they could use to conceal their drug use from their parents and teachers.

It’s likely 420 would have died on the vine except that Waldo Dave’s older brother was a friend of Phil Lesh, bassist for the Grateful Dead.

Learning the phrase from the patient zero Waldos group, Lesh and the Dead then co-opted the term and spent the next 35 years touring the globe, smoking weed and passively popularizing the association between the number 420 and the consumption of pot.

“420″ Enters Pop Culture
Once in the hands of the whimsical and subversive stoner community — which has always adored semi-secret ways to communicate their pot affection — the number 420 began to find its way into all kinds of hilarious places.

All the clocks in the movie Pulp Fiction are set to 4:20, for example, and a piece of medical marijuana legislation in California was called State Bill 420.

Evan Goding, a Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo lookalike, got his 14 minutes and 20 seconds of fame when he bid either $420 or $1,420 on every item during an appearance on the “Price is Right.” (Goding’s strategy almost netted him some sweet karaoke equipment until a neighboring contestant snaked him with a bid of $421.)

Denver Interstate mile marker 420 was also stolen so frequently it was recently replaced with the unconventional mile marker 419.99.

The popularity of 420 exploded when the advent of the internet slashed communication lag to an all-time minimum.

This, combined with the ever-decreasing illegality of marijuana, resulted in a public that has embraced 420 like never before.

These days there are smoke outs and smoke ins held on 4.20, “420-friendly” roommate listings on Craigslist and a slate of 4.20 events planned and publicized in cities from Denver to Atlanta to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

It may have taken almost half a century, but 420 has now made the long strange trip from a wall in Marin County to a firm place in weed lore.

Now if its originators could only find that damn pot field in Point Reyes…

Article By Chris Connolly Via VICE

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