Louisville officers fired/demoted for exposing a wrongful conviction [Video]


Louisville officers fired/demoted for exposing a wrongful conviction

LOUISVILLE, KY — When an esteemed police detective discovered that an innocent woman had spent years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit, he notified his supervisors and tried to make the tragic error known. Instead of seeing that the new evidence came to light, police brass demoted the whistleblower and kicked out of his unit. Another veteran officer stood up for the whistleblower, earning him termination from the department after decades of service. The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department has taken nefarious steps to hide a dark secret.

Detective Baron Morgan of the LMPD stumbled upon the wrongful conviction during a routine interview with a suspect in 2012. During that interview, the suspect confessed to a shooting a man and dumping his body into the Kentucky River in 1998. This posed a big problem, since the person sitting in prison for that murder was a woman named Susan Jean King.

Susan King had been arrested for the crime in 2007, after the murder case had gone unsolved for 8 years. The victim, Kyle Breedon, was King’s ex-boyfriend. When prosecutors threatened her with life in prison due to circumstantial evidence, she entered an “Alford Plea” on a lesser charge. A defendant who gives this type of plea does not admit guilt of the crime, but accepts the consequences, since battling the prosecution would likely lead to worse results. As such, King accepted a 10-year sentence for manslaughter to avoid the prosecutors’ threats of life in prison. But all along, they had been threatening the wrong person.

F*ck The Law.

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Vh1 This Is HOT97 Episode 2 Funkmaster Flex Rocks 8and9

Vh1Vh1 aired the second episode of This is Hot97, In this episode the gang convinces Rosenberg he has a shot at a threesome with his wife and VH1′s Big Morning Buzz host, Carrie Keagan while Angie gets roped into playing a “stupid” video game.Funk master flex can be seen wearing 8and9 Burgundy State of mind T-shirt.More pics & Episode after read.Stay locked on 8and9.com for more updates.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Official Trailer

Transformers Age of Extinction

Heres the official Trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction Official Trailer, The film takes place several years after the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons with things more or less returning to normal A mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons and a paranoid government official on them. Transformers: Age of Extinction is slated for a June 27 release in the States. This film is directed Michael Bay.

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Vossen World Tour Japan | 2014 Feat: R8, S7, IS F sport, CLA, A-class, Skyline, S5, 350Z [+BTS]


Vossen Recently did a World Tour in Japan in Feb 2014 The team arrived at Chiba for the Tokyo Auto Salon, then traveled to Hamamatsu after the Vossen Owners Meet, then stayed in Yokohoma for various video and photo shoots, stopping by Little Old Tokyo Friday and staying in Tokyo for the remainder of the trip. Behind the scenes of Vossen World Tour Japan 2014 providing insight to the near two week long trip after read.

YouTube Preview Image

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Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee

The Simpsons Coffee Beer (8and9 Clothing Blog)

Hello, Monday! It’s a new week. We’re all getting mentally prepared to survive the rest of the week. I don’t know what kind of job you have, but depending on the boss you have, I may have found an awesome excuse for “drinking on the job”. Check out this infographic I saw on the Huffington Post about how your brain is on beer vs coffee….. Continue reading

Things You Love To Do But Suck At Doing

White Men Cant Jump

Here’s a little Sunday humor for you. We have all have this issue. Some people just might not want to get off of their high horse and admit it. We’re not talking to them. I’m talking to you! There are just those things that we love to do but suck at doing. Like me for instance, I wish I could sing all of the songs I love but unfortunately I sound like a screeching dying cat when I attempt to. Or that I could play basketball like my mom or my brother because although I do well at other sports, I seem to have problem excelling in “the family sport”. What is something that you love to do but suck at doing?

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Light Painting with Pixelstick

PixelstickHere’s something you photographers and artists might fall in love with. The pixelstick is a brand new light painting tool capable of everything from photo-real renders to amazing abstract ribbons. This thing interacts with it’s surrounding environment – throwing big swaths of glow on the ground, capturing reflections in windows, and hiding behind/snaking in and out of objects in the foreground. Production starts in 2014, I believe.  Continue reading

Texas Cop Accused Of Stealing Jordan Sneakers During Drug Raid! Arrested!


A veteran police sergeant in North Texas was arrested Tuesday and accused of stealing new tennis shoes during a drug raid. Sgt. Antoine Williams, 37, a supervisor in the Fort Worth Police Department’s narcotics unit, took the sneakers during a search of a suspected drug house in East Fort Worth on Oct. 16, according to court documents. Two officers involved in the raid reported what had happened, and the department’s Special Investigations Section searched Williams’ Arlington home on the following day, the documents said. Inside, investigators seized four pairs of shoes, including Air Jordans Flint 13s similar to the shoes missing in the drug raid.

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