Happy 420 The United States of Marijuana [Video]

“The marijuana plant has forever been a part of America’s history. Our founding fathers grew hemp, our country’s first flags were created from hemp, and America is currently writing the newest chapter of marijuana history .

Colorado and Washington are the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Colorado recently released their revenue reports from their taxes on marijuana. As more numbers roll in, we begin to understand the economic impact it of it all.

The marijuana plant remains controversial– a moral, ethical, and legal enigma to many people . But for right now, here is a look into the first new chapter of legalized recreational marijuana in the U.S.”

Via Forbes

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Nas: Biggie Said ‘You Finally Got That Monkey Off Your Back’ When ‘It Was Written’ Went Platinum [Video]


Illmatic wasn’t the only great rap album to drop in 1994 (in fact, we highlighted 49 dope discs that dropped the same year). But Nas’ classic album was most closely matched by his friend Biggie Small’s debut Ready To Die, which was released five months later and quickly dwarfed Illmatic’s modest sales with platinum-plus numbers. Needless to say, the pressure was on for the Queensbridge poet to make a major mark commercially.

In this sit-down interview with VIBE, Nas speaks about how Ready to Die helped him realize rap’s endless possibilities, the pressure to sell a million records and—in the words of The Notorious One, himself—how he “got the monkey off his back” when finally went 3x platinum with It Was Written. —John Kennedy

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Dropping this May 10th: adidas Originals Mutombo 2


The adidas Mutumbo was a sneaker that killed the sneaker game once it was recently introduced to the sneaker world. Keeping the adidas Mutumbo legacy alive and well adidas Originals has opt to drop the coveted 1995 classic the adidas Mutumbo 2 this upcoming May on the 10th. These will be highly sought after dropping in a OG color-scheme the sneaker world will receive with open arms. Let us know what you think about this upcoming adidas basketball classic after the jump cop or not?  Keep it locked here at 8and9.com for more from the upcoming adidas Mutumbo 2.


Checkout: Jordan 6 “Sport Blue”-8/30


Its been 23 years since the original “Sport Blue” Jordan 6 has seen the light of day and over two decades later the sneakers are more sought after now than ever. The Jordan 6 is one of Jordan Brands biggest priority’s this year celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Jordan 6 bringing some new creations to the table as well as some old-school classics the sneaker world will welcome with open arms. The return of these “Sport Blue” Jordan 6′s has also inspired a few other upcoming “Sport Blue” designs featuring a few of silhouettes Jordan heads hold close to their hearts like the Jordan 2, 3 and 14. Take a closer look at these Sport Blue Jordan 6′s in the gallery below and make sure to mark your calendars for August 30th because these will sellout at the drop of a dime. Keep it locked here at 8and9.com for more from Jordan Brand and the Jordan 6.