25kg Pure Gold Replica of Lionel Messi’s Left Foot on sale for $5.25M


Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka has created a pure gold 25kg model of Lionel Messi’s left foot the 4-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winning FC Barcelona and Argentina forward  Lionel Messi’s left foot in pure gold is a real soccer fans dream collectors item , The 25-kilogram golden foot is available and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Lionel Messi Foundation, and comes in the perfect casing a $5.25 million dollar foot deserves . March 7th to June 6th of this year it will be available for purchase. Priced at $5.25 million dollars dont expect to see this is your neighborhood sports store but if i had to guess who would be first in line to grab this collectors item my money would be on football club owning billionaires Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea FC, the current holders of the title of UEFA Champions.



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