2 Brothers Steal A Bridge In Pennsylvania. Yes. A Bridge.

No seriously. How did this convo even come up??

Blow-torch toting brothers stole a bridge in western Pennsylvania and scored over $5,000 by hawking the scrap metal, police said.

Benjamin Arthur Jones, 24, and Alexander Williams Jones, 25, both of New Castle, Pa., are accused of breaking up the 50-foot steel bridge with a blowtorch in September and selling 15 1/2 tons of its scrap mental.

The older brother told a recycling company he had permission to dismantle and sell the privately-owned bridge but the company became suspicious and alerted the cops, authorities said.

The crime shook the small town when the rarely used bridge disappeared.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Gary Bruce of New Castle Development, which owns the bridge, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before the bandits were caught. “It’s a lot of work.”

Covert’s Crossing bridge was in a wooded area about 60 miles northeast of Pittsburgh and is estimated to cost $100,000.

The pair was charged with criminal mischief, theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy.

Via NY Daily News

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